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An Offer You Can’t Refuse
An Offer You Can’t Refuse An Offer You Can’t Refuse Do you sometimes feel “generic”?
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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Do you sometimes feel “generic”?  Would you rather stand out in the crowd?

Our challenge:

In addition to producing an exciting customer event at an upcoming national pharmaceutical convention, this generic drug company wanted to stand out in the crowd of top branded companies attending the convention. They wanted their customer party to be "The Place To Be.” It was essential that we create an experience that engaged their staff, grabbed the attention of their perspective customer base and enhanced their corporate well-being.


So we gathered together their sales force, brainstormed ideas and included them prominently in all aspects of the event. The results …AWESOME !


Workgroups with many engaged employees realize substantially higher levels of customer engagement, productivity and profitability. ("The Business Case for Wellbeing" by Jennifer Robison)


I'm Gonna Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse!

When Vito spoke, everybody listened. When Vito said, “Dis is your final invitation. I’ll be very unhappy if ya don’t say, yes.” Everyone came to the party.


Da party was in Chicago, see? There was a small-potatoes pharmaceutical company that wanted to compete wit da big shots, capisce? They weren’t no two-bit operation neither, they just didn’t have da clout that da big boys had. Every year they had a party for their customers. It was tough, real tough to compete with da big blow the other companies threw. They decided to bring in Rave Reviews. They’d hoid what everyone else on da streets had hoid. Rave Reviews was da real deal. They had da moxie to pull the caper off. 


Translation: A small pharmaceutical company in Chicago needed to get the attention of their customer base and create an opportunity for face-to-face communication. They threw a customer appreciation party every year but it couldn’t compare to what the bigger companies could do. They needed to do something that would set them apart and attract clients to their event.


Rave Reviews was brought in and invented a colorful 1920s Chicago gangster character named Vito. Vito personally sent out a series of invitations threatening customers if they didn’t come to the big party. The customers became so curious and intrigued they were compelled to accept.


Translation: Vito made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Their modest expectation was for 20 out of 100 invitees to come. Although 20 may sound like a low goal, the clients were the top 100 pharmacy chains in the country, all boasting multiple locations throughout the United States. One successful contact could feasibly result in multiple deals. The expectation was far exceeded when no less than 90 of the 100 decided to attend.


The sales force and a sprinkle of professional actors dressed in Roaring Twenties costumes portrayed old time Chicago gangster caricatures. The gangsters “kidnapped” the customers and whisked them away on a bus. After an interactive bus trip, they arrived at a quaint Italian restaurant serving delicious food and rife with atmosphere. Fun was in the air the minute they arrived. A band played and the room was full of expectation concerning the arrival of Vito. What would he look like? Would he continue to issue threats or would he let everyone off the hook for having shown up? Alas, they’d never know. True to Vito’s usual style, he was a no-show.


The customers had a great time, and the invaluable face-to-face contact allowed for productive networking opportunities. Client perspective shifted from impersonal to personal with an unforgettable connection made, and fond memories of a unique evening formed.

The result was fortified career and social well-being plus a huge contract with a large drugstore chain.

And that was only the beginning. The customers thought they were the bees-knees and began looking forward to what this pharmaceutical company, with a personal approach, would do next.

An Offer You Can't Refuse


Do “da big boys” sometimes overshadow your company? If you need a creative idea to draw attention to what you have to offer and a chance for productive communication, and stronger social and career well-being, Rave Reviews is here to help.


Feel free to comment and to share similar stories of your own. We’d love your feedback. Scroll to the end of this blog and click on COMMENT to post your success stories and remarks. Help us create a dialogue that inspires communication, connection and workplace well-being.


This is the third story in our series "That’s Our Story and We’re Sticking To It." This series recounts some great stories of our fondest memories of having helped customers communicate, connect, and improve employee well-being. The four elements of well-being: physical, career/social, community and financial are represented throughout the series. We hope this helps you better understand how our unique solutions for your unique communication needs help employees make positive changes that outlast the workplace.


Lights! Camera! Team Build!

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