The Sports Zone

The Sports Zone

The Gridiron Challenge

The Gridiron Challenge a new concept in the competitive corporate team building arena that is rooted in the strategies that pro football coaches use to build cohesive teams. ​It combines the knowledge, energy and experience of former Denver Bronco running back, motivational speaker and media personality, Reggie Rivers with the creative expertise and longevity of Denver's premier team building company Rave Reviews.



Hole-in-One for Hunger 


Bring your employees together for a great bonding experience and the opportunity to fight hunger while making a difference in your community.


Teams design, build and play a mini golf course made up of nonperishable food items that are then donated to Food Bank of the Rockies or charity of your choice.

At a meeting site or right in your office, this is the perfect opportunity for you to score a hole-in-one for your company and a first class win for your community.

The Really Amazing Race

Your Passport to Adventure

The Really Amazing Race has your guests meeting competitive challenges as they “travel” to cities worldwide. From scaling the Great Velcro Wall of China…to putting at St Andrews in Scotland…to a hot dog eating contest in Yankee Stadium…teams will vie to win this international race.


Avoid the roadblocks and manage the detours as you perform challenging tasks, follow clues and solve puzzles. This customized race will be designed around your meeting, message and location. 

Amazing! Amusing! Adventuresome!

The Ultimate Flying Machine™

The Wright brothers have nothing on you as your teams create and assemble their Ultimate Flying Machines using focused parameters and a large selection of creative aerodynamic supplies. 

As teams launch their masterpieces of the sky, your peoples’ spirits soar as their creations take flight.​

The Corporate Sports Challenge™

This unique experience brings teams together to design and build a canine agility course. Each team is partnered with a Freedom Service Dog, their trainer and the materials needed to create a segment of the course. 

This experience builds a strong foundation in team spirit, mutual trust, self-confidence and communication! This event not only benefits your team (and did we mention it includes a dog?) but also the Freedom Service Dog organization and its many deserving clients.