Team Building for a Charitable Cause

Team Building for a Charitable Cause

Hole in One for Hunger

Bring your employees together for a great bonding experience and the opportunity to fight hunger while making a difference in your community.

Teams design, build and play a mini golf course made up of nonperishable food items that are then donated to Food Bank of the Rockies or charity of your choice.

At a meeting site or right in your office, this is the perfect opportunity for you to score a hole-in-one for your company and a first class win for your community.

The Supermarket Hunger Games

​Use your “hunger for competition” to help those in need.


​Teams must budget their finances, solve clues and meet challenges as they race to the finish line in this fast-paced team adventure to benefit Food Bank of the Rockies or a charity of your choice.

Your employees enthusiastically work together, strengthen relationships and focus on a need greater than their own.


​It’s time to grab your cart and get ready to shop.

Hands-on Giving ™

The spirit of giving takes center stage in this interactive charity expo where participants create much-needed items for a variety of local charities. There is no limit to the number of projects that can take place or the selection of charities that can be helped.

Hands-on-Giving™ is an opportunity to bring your people together to create ONE vibrant, energized team that gives back to several community nonprofits.

The Freedom Service Dog Agility Challenge™

This unique experience brings teams together to design and build a canine agility course. Each team is partnered with a Freedom Service Dog, their trainer and the materials needed to create a segment of the course. This experience builds a strong foundation in team spirit, mutual trust, self-confidence and communication! This event not only benefits your team (and did we mention it includes a dog?) but also the Freedom Service Dog organization and its many deserving clients.

The Tour de Charity ™

This fun and competitive charity event, inspired by the Tour de France, boosts company morale and helps others at the same time. By playing a series of sporting games, competitors win “fun bucks” to buy tools and supplies to design and build classic trikes that are then donated to the charity of your choice. It’s a win-win for everyone—participants collaborate on a task and build relationships in an action-packed event, and kids in need get cool trikes.