Gridiron Challenge

The Gridiron Challenge

Corporate Team Building with Reggie Rivers

How will your company benefit from The Gridiron Challenge?

The Gridiron Challenge, a new concept in the competitive corporate team building arena, that is rooted in the strategies that pro football coaches use to build cohesive teams. ​

It combines the knowledge, energy and experience of former Denver Bronco running back, motivational speaker and media personality, Reggie Rivers, with the creative expertise and longevity of Denver's premier team building company, Rave Reviews.

Just like the Pros there are Four Quarters in The Gridiron Challenge

Each quarter is detailed below.

1ST QUARTER: The Strategy Session

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Reggie Rivers will teach your employees lessons straight from pro football that they can use immediately in the office.

They'll learn:​

1.  ​The simple power of recognizing the contribution of every player on the team.

​2.  Why coaches & players spend so much time/energy developing the "chemistry" of the team, & why you should do the same.

  • 3.  Why team rewards (no matter how small the prize) are a critical force in achieving team goals.

4.  ​Why pro coaches use "play" to reduce stress, increase player bonding and improve teamwork.

2ND QUARTER:  The Challenge

The final two minutes of a football game are the most exciting.

​Watch this two minute video to learn how to bring that excitement to your company.

The Gridiron Challenge:

3RD QUARTER:  The Postgame Debrief

Reggie Rivers leads an interactive conversation about the strategies that your participants learned in the challenge and how those strategies can be applied in the workplace.  He also helps them capture new insights about their teammates.

Team members will create a combination of words, called a word cloud, that will describe traits about each teammate. They will submit these to The Gridiron Challenge staff at the end of the day. In the fourth quarter each person will receive a personalized printable word cloud based on the feedback of their teammates.


Here is an example of a Word Cloud about Jennifer.

4TH QUARTER:  The Follow-up

The Gridiron Challenge will conclude with these four follow-up steps:

NEXT STEPS:  You've Got the Ball

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