Competitive Cuisine

Team Building: Competitive Cuisine

Whether the competition is rolling out the longest linguini, making authentic Italian Ravioli, cooking a hearty pot of chili or creating a pizza masterpiece, Rave Reviews' competitive cooking events are a recipe for comradery and team bonding.

Mama Pascucci’s Ravioli 

   ​& Tap Dance Lesson®

Mama Mia! Nothing surpasses Mama Pascucci’s Ravioli and Tap Dance Lesson® for generating fast-paced competition, building employee morale, and bringing people together to do something entirely outside the work routine.

After a long day of meetings, imagine your teams in chefs’ hats and aprons cooking together while learning to communicate more effectively. Imagine your entire group waving wooden spoons as they "tap" into their hidden dance talents. This unique, one-of-a-kind event is only available through Rave Reviews. Mangia!

The Great American

Ice Cream Social™

“Without ice cream, life and fame are meaningless”.

So make life meaningful by bringing your valued employees together to make, package and market their signature ice cream and enjoy each other’s company.

The Great American Ice Cream Social is the ideal event for any month, because anytime is the right time for ice cream.

A sweet team experience!​






Grandpa Vito’s Pizza Franchise™

Design, build, create and toss – all the skills needed for an upper crust team building experience.

This hands-on, hand-tossed, pizza-making event is the perfect recipe for innovative team collaboration and employee productivity.



Simply simpatico!

The Rocky Mountain Rodeo​ & Chili Cookoff™

 ​Colorado’s original rodeo and chili cook-off arrived in the Wild West with a slew of western games, a country store brimmin’ with chili ingredients and a recipe for team building that’ll knock yer boots off.


Sure as shootin’, you’ll win “chili bucks” enough to buy out the general store, cook up a heapin’ pot of chili and build a great corporate team.

Come’n git it!