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We have selected photos from some of our most creative and effective events. We want to give you an exciting peek inside.

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Mama Pascucci’s Ravioli and Tap Dance Lesson®

Large or Small, Mama's is the Recipe for Success

Mama Mia! Nothing surpasses Mama Pascucci’s Ravioli and Tap Dance Lesson® for generating fast-paced competition, building employee morale, and bringing people together to do something entirely outside the work routine. After a long day of meetings, imagine your teams in chefs’ hats and aprons cooking together while learning to communicate more effectively. Imagine your entire group waving wooden spoons as "tap" into their hidden dance talents. This unique, one-of-a-kind event is only available through Rave Reviews. Mangia!

  • It Takes Teamwork to Roll Out the Dough
  • Longest Linguini or Spiders Web_
  • Making the Perfecet Ravioli
  • Mama teaches 800 Guests to Tap Dance
  • Most Creative and Perfect Ravioli
  • Prepping to Win
  • Ready to Make Ravioli
  • Ready to Tap
  • Rolling Out the Dough
  • Taking Care to Make the Longest Linguini
  • Tap Amore'
  • Big Finish!
  • Competing to Win
  • Creating a Masterpiece in Dough
  • Filling the Ravioli
  • First Team to Finish

The Tour de Charity ™

Inspired by the Tour de France!

This fun and competitive charity event, boosts company morale and helps others at the same time. By playing a series of sporting games, competitors win “fun bucks” to buy tools and supplies to design and build classic trikes that are then donated to the charity of your choice. It’s a win-win for everyone—participants collaborate on a task and build relationships in an action-packed event, and kids in need get cool trikes.

  • Motorola Orlando Tour 06 003
  • Motorola Orlando Tour 06 014
  • New Trikes...Come Rain or Come Shine
  • Off an Rolling
  • Oticon USA_139
  • OticonUSA_034
  • Racing to Win
  • Ready for Her New Trike
  • Ready to Get on the Road
  • Strategizing
  • The Great Build
  • This Way to the Starting Line
  • A Happy Receipiant
  • At the Starting Line
  • Decorated and Ready to Race
  • Happiness is a New Trike
  • Just Fabulous

Hole in One for Hunger™

Bring Your Employees Together for a Great Bonding Experience and the Opportunity to Fight Hunger.

Teams design, build and play a mini golf course made up of nonperishable food items that are then donated to Food Bank of the Rockies or charity of your choice. At a meeting site or right in your office, this is the perfect opportunity for you to score a hole-in-one for your company and a first class win for your community.

  • Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope!
  • Judging the Greens
  • Planning the Green
  • Plotting the Curve
  • Taking a Break From the Building
  • Taking the Food to the Donation Bin
  • Unloading the Food for The Food Bank
  • Ready to PLay the Course
  • Unpacking the Goods
  • Assessing the Build
  • Par 3 Play

The Rocky Mountain Rodeo and Chili Cookoff™

Come'n Git It!

Colorado’s original rodeo and chili cook-off arrives in the Wild West with a slew of western games, a country store brimmin’ with chili ingredients and a recipe for team building that’ll knock yer boots off. Sure as shootin’, you’ll win “chili bucks” enough to buy out the general store, cook up a heapin’ pot of chili and build a great corporate team. Come’n git it!

  • Ready to Make Some Rootin' Tootin' Chili
  • Rodeo Star
  • Rope That Calf!
  • Success is Simmering
  • The Sherriff Tastes the Chili
  • Time to Catch Some Cow Pies
  • Flippin' Jacks
  • Men Can Can
  • Ready to catch Flying Flapjacks

The Gridiron Challenge

Corporate Team Building with Reggie Rivers

The Gridiron Challenge a new concept in the competitive corporate team building arena that is rooted in the strategies that pro football coaches use to build cohesive teams. ​ It combines the knowledge, energy and experience of former Denver Bronco running back, motivational speaker and media personality, Reggie Rivers with the creative expertise and longevity of Denver's premier team building company Rave Reviews.

  • Challenge Logo
  • Group Collaboration
  • Performing the Team Cheer
  • Cheering on the team
  • Victory Dance 3
  • Accuracy Counts 3
  • Creating the Team Jersey 3
  • Reggie Explains the Challenge 3
  • Team Spirit 3

Hands-on Giving™

Celebrate the Spirit of Giving

The spirit of giving takes center stage in this interactive charity expo where participants create much-needed items for a variety of local charities. There is no limit to the number of projects that can take place or the selection of charities that can be helped. Hands-on-Giving™ is an opportunity to bring your people together to create ONE vibrant, energized team that gives back to several community nonprofits.

  • Creating Warm Scarves for those in Need copy
  • Decorating Ornaments for the Trees the Charities copy
  • Gifts for Lucky Girls and Boys. copy
  • Putting the Finishing Touches on Warm Fleece Blankets copy
  • Some Assembly Required copy
  • Warm Gloves and Hats ready to be Delivered copy
  • Wrapping New Toys for Girls and Boys in Need copy
  • Assembled Bikes copy
  • Assembling Holiday Food Baskets for The Food Bank of the Rockies copy
  • Brand New Trikes

Grandpa Vito’s Pizza Franchise™

The Perfect Recipe for Innovative Team Collaboration

Design, build, create and toss – all the skills needed for an upper crust team building experience. This hands-on, hand-tossed, pizza-making event is the perfect recipe for innovative team collaboration and employee productivity.

  • Ready to Race
  • Teaming Up to the Best Franchisee
  • The Parade of Delivery Trucks
  • The Tallest Leaning Tower
  • Tip Your Driver, Please
  • A Happy Pizza is a GREAT Pizza!
  • Building a Strong Foundation
  • Dough Tossing with the Team
  • Pizza Delivery Trucks Assemble
  • Presenting the Pie
  • Putting the Finishing Touches On

Awards and Recognition Events

Unparalleled Ways to Honor Your Most Valuable Asset

Honoring extraordinary people requires extraordinary events. Rave Reviews will work within your budget to produce momentous awards presentations that reach audiences emotionally and make honorees feel truly appreciated. For those times when a handshake and a wall plaque just won’t fill the bill, let Rave Reviews make your awards presentation unforgettable.

  • Alice in Funk-a-delic Land
  • Award Winning _Bunch_
  • Formal Recognition
  • Home Plate Advantage
  • Honoring the Top Producers
  • Milestone
  • Rocking out with the Winners
  • Shamrock Foods Opening Number
  • TMCA5
  • Unilever Best Foods Honors

Corporate Video

Full Service Video Production

Rave Reviews delivers the power of video as a flexible business tool. Whether on location at your office, high in the Rocky Mountains, or on a studio soundstage, our corporate videos can be used for a wide range of business needs. Concept, writing, shooting and editing—contact us to handle every aspect of your video production.

  • Leading Broadband Product Supplier - Holiday Party and Company Music Video Premiere
  • Black and Veatch
  • Jones International -  Under the Big Top Show
  • Black Veatch How the West was Fun
  • BriefcaseDrillTeam
  • US Bank Visa Lightning
  • ULC Music Video
  • Coors Field Kick-Off
  • dick_tracy
  • Hyatt Hotels Show
  • jeppesen_flag
  • Employee Benefits
  • xpedx - Hawaii Tour
  • Leprino Foods - Gina Awards Show
  • Leprino Foods - Gina Awards
  • Major Teleciommunications Company - Custom Costume Creation
  • Motorola Experience - Florida
  • Pentax 20 Year Celebration
  • xpedx Hawaii Treasure Hunt
  • Shamrock Foods - Rockin' It Out
  • Shamrock Foods Awards Show
  • ULC Annual Meeting 2014
  • ULC Annual Meeting 2014
  • ULC Awards Presentation
  • Universal Lending Corporation - The Lending Bunch
  • US Bank - Mama Pascucci's for 800 Guests
  • US Bank - Who Wunnit_
  • US Bank Meeting Kick-Off with Original Song

Meetings and Events

Engaging, Powerful, Effective—the Wow factor!

What is the Wow factor? It's the difference multi-sensory input makes for your meetings and events, and the results it produces for your business success. We’ll weave your goals and vision for leadership, staff, or clients, into a customized, innovative product that makes your event truly memorable, boosts morale, helps participants retain your important information and builds company pride!

  • Presenting the New Product
  • Rose Medical Center
  • Showstopping Kick Line
  • The Briefcase Drill Team
  • The Motorolla Experience
  • This Meeting Was a Reak Circus!
  • Universal Lending's Annual Meeting Breakfast
  • Watching the Company Music Video
  • xpedx Opening Session in Hawaii
  • Arrrrgh!
  • Break it Down!
  • Calling Dick Tracy
  • Celebrating 30 Years
  • Pizzas1