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Lights! Camera! Team Build!
Lights! Camera! Team Build! Lights! Camera! Team Build! How do you get everyone in
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Lights! Camera! Team Build!

How do you get everyone in your organization to to “speak the same language”... to be on the same page when communication is so critical?

A large, multi-national chemical company needed a team experience that would connect people from many different departments as well as from all over the globe. The goal was to strengthen communication and increase understanding of the company’s behavioral traits for growth. It was an imperative opportunity to bolster career and social well-being. The goal was met with 100% buy-in when Rave Reviews brought in an unusual team of communication experts.


​In their day-to-day professional lives they were chemists, but on this particular day they became movie moguls. The most unlikely of screenwriters and actors gathered in Boulder, Colorado to write and star in their own films.

A prestigious specialty chemical company, with a global presence, needed to create a memorable team-building experience for employees from around the world. The annual meeting was their opportunity to make a lasting impression and drive home desired behavioral and cultural traits for growth. The goal was, through strengthening communication, to improve customer service, identify ineffective procedures, and improve trouble-shooting techniques.

Rave Reviews set the stage for brilliant chemists to become brilliant film stars. Professional actors, writers, and directors facilitated each of twelve breakout sessions. The sessions started in a typically serious, low-key vein but quickly accelerated into a creative flurry. Laughter and lively interaction could be heard coming from each breakout area. Time was of the essence with only 90 minutes to brainstorm, write, rehearse, and film their masterpieces.

Communication gaps were bridged as people from many different countries, with varying degrees of skill in the English language, worked together to become superheroes, sci-fi creatures, gangsters, infomercial spokesmen, vampires, and cowboys. The scripts needed to be written for entertainment within the framework of a certain movie genre, but also include two main teaching points. The result was twelve creative films to be presented in the general session.


At the end of the process each group debriefed about their experience. The team members reported that they learned new things about each other’s individual talents. That taking uncomfortable risks strengthened trust. Creative solutions sprang out of urgency and the communal brain was more effective than working solo. Although this could have been communicated through a series of PowerPoint presentations and speeches, this company knew that experiential learning, such as teambuilding, is the key to retention. Social and career wellbeing were strengthened, and those chemists will not soon forget their fifteen minutes of fame.

Do you have a need to build community and communication through creative team activities? If so, Rave Reviews is here to help. 

Rave Reviews is comprised of a team of communication experts. We have been creating effective events, meetings, and team building activities since 1990. We are committed to developing programs that engage and empower people to understand how to become more productive in their interactions with each other and improve employee wellbeing. We listen to exactly what you need and deliver precisely what you want. Our specialty is seamlessly connecting business needs with dynamic solutions.