Corporate CAR-aoke

The Latest Trend in
Corporate Employee Motivation

What is a group of corporate leaders riding in a car pretending to be going to work while lip-syncing to customized motivational lyrics called?

Corporate CAR-aoke

Now that you’ve seen Corporate CAR-aoke in action,

here are a few ways you can use it.

  • A shared one-of-a-kind experience that will truly bond your leadership team.
  • An exciting introduction to new leadership…new management…new clients at the company  meeting.
  • A witty, engaging on-boarding video welcoming new employees to your company culture.
  • A client appreciation video.
  • A heartfelt retirement video.
  • An entertaining, fun new product introduction that will captivate your customers’ imagination.

Corporate CAR-aoke is a grabbing opening or closing to your

company meeting when used with Rave Reviews'

Late Night Show Meeting Format.


Vanessa Coates

Director of Marketing

The theme of our all-day meeting, The Tonight Show with Universal Lending, was hosted by our president, Pete Lansing and former Denver Bronco, Reggie Rivers. Rave Reviews took care of every detail from helping us unveil our new logo to sharing other relevant industry and company news to presenting our message in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Rave Reviews has led hundreds of events and their years of experience means they have the savvy, the creativity, and the connections to drive amazing, personalized events. They've done this for Universal Lending for 20 years. They must be doing something right! 

Barbara Brannen

VP of Human Resources

Rave reviews delivered delight, inspiration, and quality. The team was wonderful to work with and listened very carefully to who we were and what we wanted and needed. Then they delivered. They are simply the best!

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