US Bank Ravioli

US Bank - Ravioli and Tap Dance Fill the Bill

The Challenge

US Bank faced the challenge of finding a team building event that could accommodate, engage and energize 750 people at a time. They asked Rave Reviews to implement four events of 750 people each in Las Vegas and Chicago.

The Solution

Mama Pascucci’s Ravioli and Tap Dance Lesson® was the answer. This event works well for as few as thirty to as many as needed. US Bank’s sales force donned aprons and chef hats to roll, fill and fork hundreds of ravioli. After their pasta creations were made, they tap danced to That’s Amore and dined on their tasty Italian fare.

The Results

All 750 people at each event gladly participated. The groups were reenergized and the event talked about for months to follow. And what a great photo op!