US Bank Song

US Bank - Original Song Motivates Employees

US Bank's Original Signature Song, It's All about US Serving You  ​

The Challenge

US Bank wanted to kick off their San Francisco sales meeting with a bang. They asked for an original song for the opening session and for a closing song that would engage and energize their employees.

The Solution

Drawing on the talents of Susan Draus, nationally acclaimed musical director, Rave Reviews wrote, arranged, and provided the musical direction for an original song titled, It’s All About US Serving You. A customized parody piece was written for the closing and performed by the US Bank mascots. Rave Reviews produced the songs and then flew to San Francisco to perform them live.

The Results

US Bank employees were thrilled to hear the original customer service song written just for them. They were also engaged and energized by the fun song parody performed by their mascots for the closing. The event was a big success.

“Where words fail…music speaks!” —Hans Christian Andersen