ULC Video

ULC - Company Music Video Goes Viral

The Challenge

Universal Lending is a mortgage loan company that has survived and thrived in spite of the tough blows of the economic recession. Yet, they too are living with the stress incumbent in the numerous and complicated new government rules and regulations. Sensitive to the need to keep morale high, Peter Lansing, President of Universal Lending Corporation wanted an event that would energize employees, strengthen morale, and be a dynamic kick-off for the approaching all-company meeting.

The Solution

Rave Reviews created, directed, filmed and produced an all-company music video for ULC. Filming took place onsite in the ULC offices. The final product featured all of the employees dancing, lip-syncing, working, and having a great time together.

The Results

The solution brought about positive outcomes: staff morale heightened during the team effort to film the video, and the process was fun and energizing. And when it came time for the all-company meeting everyone was excited to attend in order to see the finished product.