Motorola Trikes

Motorola - Building Trikes Builds Teams

The Challenge

Motorola was hosting a national meeting for their Supply Chain Leadership Summit in Orlando, Florida. Disney was not able to provide a suitable team building event to accommodate 200 attendees so Motorola contacted Rave Reviews.

The Solution

Rave Reviews created a race-themed event using tricycles. Teams wore racing bibs and hats as they played race-themed sports games to earn “big bucks”. After buying trikes, parts and embellishments, teams assembled and decorated their trikes for the big race. Afterwards, and most importantly, the trikes were given to charity. Following the event the trikes were given to several local charities.

The Results

The evening was a huge success and everyone had a great time. Teams worked closely together and fifteen lucky kids were given new tricycles. Motorola was so pleased they hired us to create another event at the Walt Disney World Speedway.