Jeppesen Meeting

Jeppesen Aviation - Total Meeting Design

The Challenge

Jeppesen Aviation hosted an International Customer Meeting in Beaver Creek, CO. The event, which takes place every five years, was to be attended by 350 international customers from thirty countries. Jeppesen Aviation is in the serious business of navigational and flight technology. Their vital messages of safety and innovation had to be presented in a way that would communicate connection to, and understanding of the customers’ needs. They were working under a limited timeframe and asked Rave Reviews to provide the “wow factor” for this important customer interaction.

The Solution

After meeting with Jeppesen management to listen to their needs and concerns, Rave Reviews created a Total Meeting Design by writing, producing and directing two powerful 45-minute sessions for the opening and closing of their meeting. This multi-media undertaking included video, live performance, PowerPoint, and speakers. In addition, the sessions included a parade of nations, a flag ceremony, audience participation, technical support, costumes, sets, and speaker coaching — all designed and produced by Rave Reviews.

The Results

Jeppesen Aviation received enthusiastic accolades from the attendees. The critical messages of safety and innovation were clearly communicated in an energetic and inspiring way. The crucial balance of propriety and engaging delivery was accomplished.