CalFed Video

CalFed Bank - Creative Employee Benefits Video

The Challenge

California Federal Bank wanted a fresh approach to a new employee orientation. Instead of classroom training, they wanted the company’s basic, important information infused with an innovative and entertaining video. They hoped to engage the attention of the new hires and help them retain what they’d learned.


The Solution

Rave Reviews took the company’s eight core values, its medical plan, and other benefits and wrapped them into a series of three clever, lively music videos that were given to employees to watch and enjoy on their own time. A dancing, singing Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and George Washington were just three of the characters that made basic orientation sessions enjoyable for CalFed’s new employees.


The Results

CalFed was thrilled with the series. The new employees loved the videos and effectively retained the information delivered in song. CalFed’s goal of simultaneously informing and entertaining was achieved.