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4 Ways to Supercharge Your Corporate Meeting Kick-off
4 Ways to Supercharge Your Corporate Meeting Kick-off Want to learn 4 ways to supercharge your corporate meeting
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Want to learn 4 ways to supercharge your corporate meeting kick-off?

Something unusual happened in the midst of the question and answer portion of the opening session of our client’s National Sales Meeting …the person asking the questions started to sing. Then another attendee chimed in and another and another and soon the room and the stage were filled with “dealers” singing and dancing. As the audience realized these “dealers” were really performers, the room exploded into applause.   The excitement escalated as the All-Stars, a medley of management and employees, moved onto the stage and engaged the entire audience in their musical production. This rousing, unexpected happening filled with messages of welcome and exciting-things-to-come energized and delighted the audience and started the meeting off with a bang!   Engaging your attendees throughout the meeting is important to its overall success. A dynamic kick-off gets that process started.


Here are a four suggestions that will supercharge your meeting kick-off.


  1. Song Parody: Choose a familiar song and rewrite the words. Include your corporate message. Using professional singers or volunteers from the office, record the song. During the opening meeting, display the words on the screen and have an old-fashioned sing-a-long.
  2. In the style of “CANstuction”, have all your attendees bring canned foods to the meeting. During the opening session, use the cans to build your logo or a structure that coincides with the message of your meeting. At the end of the meeting, box up the food and donate it to your local food bank.
  3. Executive Team Lip Sync: Create a music video or simply have your execs perform a popular song…live…possibly Pharrell William’s Happy.
  4. Entrance Extravaganza: Introduce your keynote speaker or your CEO and have her/him enter to exhilarating, upbeat music riding on a fun vehicle…a motorcycle, a classic car, a skateboard, a golf cart…the possibilities are endless.


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